04/08/2022 The Arts Club Shirt ☡ OPENING ☡ Martina Echeverría: The shirts I never had

La Chemise Club presents Martina Echeverría: The shirts I never had
🎉 Opening reception on August 4 from 6 to 10 p.m. 🎉
“I want us to be invaded by the color orange and I want to see us dancing under the gingham fabric.
Our furniture is also invited, it has a lot to tell us.
We will alter the patterns of our shirts and our houses.
We'll have a picnic on the red and we'll eat all the yellow.
We'll all drink together and talk about the rugs and shirts we never had.
You will find the table of your dreams and you will go home with it."
Martina Echeverría manipulates objects through drawing and painting to reveal the relationship between us and these objects.
It invites us to get to know objects in a sensory and symbolic way.
Martina loves to play and invites you to play with her. During her mini-residency at La Chemise Club, she addressed the emotional connection that one can have to objects, and more particularly to the shirts inhabiting the place.
“The shirts I never had”, the textile, are crystallized in this gingham pattern that Martina will deploy literally and figuratively during this opening.
By taking over the La Chemise Club venue, Martina Echeverría invites us to a sensual reading of the world she recreated for the occasion, where pleasure combines with colors and textures.
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