Who are we ?

La Chemise Club, as its name suggests, is a club whose main focus is the shirt .

This associative project is thought of as a social club centered on the passion for vintage, the promotion of responsible consumption and a more broadly cultural approach with strong roots in the local artistic scene.

La Chemise Club was founded in August 2021 by Andrée, a vintage enthusiast wishing to refocus her activity linked to the second hand on a structure allowing her to really meet people and share these centers of interest in a human way.

What could be more natural than choosing the associative format to give life to this project. Indeed, La Chemise Club is an association that allows people to meet and create social ties around a multi-faceted theme embodied by the shirt .

The shirt materializes several centers of interest, motivating the selection of shirts:

  • the arts (visual arts / fashion) and creativity,
  • vintage/second hand in its ecological and responsible aspect,
  • the collection as a revalorizing activity.

From April 2022, La Chemise Club will take possession of its premises in the Saint-Michel district of Bordeaux. The objective of the association will then be to offer a social club to its members. Everyone will be able to participate in activities around the themes of La Chemise Club, feel integrated into a social network in real life as well as online.

In these surprising premises, the association will offer its members the opportunity to share a desire for cultural action in a dynamic of entertainment and social life.

Do not hesitate to consult our Instagram account to follow all the news and nonsense of Geneviève on a daily basis.

Welcome to the club !