02/15/2023 The Video Club Shirt ◼︎ TERMINATOR ► film club, aperitif, screen printing

THE VIDEO CLUB SHIRT: Film club ► Apéro ► Screen printing
La Chemise Club launches its video club!
Cinema being one of the Club's main sources of inspiration, it was to be expected that an event on this theme would see the light of day.
This is done with a first edition of La Chemise Vidéo Club, which will focus on the film Terminator by James Cameron (1985).
For what ?
Because February 15 is the day after Valentine's Day, and Terminator is above all a love story
The principle ?
Each evening will be an opportunity to present a gem from the 80s/90s through:
► a screening of extracts from the film
► a workshop for screen printing images from the film on shirts by Little Pépin
► an aperitif all together at the Club with the presentation of the favorites of our eminent film buffs who are members of the Club
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