04/29/2022 Tropical agitations #6 - Rare plants - Vintage shirts - Crayonlamode - Music & bar

Tropical agitations #6 🌿 invites CRAYONLAMODE
Rare plants - Illustration - Vintage shirts - Music & bar
New edition, new guest, and this time we are even talking about guests since it is the collective of illustrators Crayonlamode who will put their crayons in the middle of the plants of the Noé boutique.
The neighbors of the Saint-Michel district, Noé Boutique, OkOk and La Chemise Club are once again preparing a tropical evening for you in the jungle boutique of the Saint-Michel district, this Friday April 29 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
🎶 OKOK, the collective organizer of multidisciplinary events, will take care of the atmosphere of the evening by providing the music and the bar as they know how to do so well.
All the playlists concocted for the occasion are available on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/user/o93dxixbiicqellr3nnshwnp2...
👕 La Chemise Club, the vintage shirt shop that shares Noé's love of graphic singularities, has moved to Place Saint-Michel, but that doesn't mean it won't set up its racks among the plants!
For Agitations Tropicales #6, La Chemise Club always prepares its selection with the craziest patterns, the most wonderful materials, for all genders and all sizes.
A universe that matches perfectly with the illustrations of Crayonlamode!
🖍️ Accustomed to wacky workshops and other creative activities, the Crayonlamode collective settles on the large table and invites you to grab a Crayola, dare to draw, scribble and create during a fun and informal workshop on the theme of plants. .
An exhibition of their illustrations will also be presented in the shop among Noé's plant rarities.
Crayonlamode is Crayola drawing that looks childish, but it looks like it! The workshop is for everyone, young and old, experienced designers as well as beginners.
The idea: have fun while creating new illustrations that you can bring back in your Noé and La Chemise Club bags!
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