04/27/2023 Nicolas Oulès x Atelier Rebié ⏦ “Climb to the worst” at La Chemise Club

La Chemise Club presents “Climb to the worst”, the collaboration between Bordeaux illustrator Nicolas Oulès and Atelier Rebié, a Pyrenean project for the artisanal production of multi-use hiking bags.
Their encounter is that of art and craftsmanship, technicality and creativity, halfway between the urban universe of Nicolas Oulès and the call of nature of Atelier Rebié.
This collaboration resulted in the production of an eco-designed bag using the pattern imagined by Nicolas Oulès on recycled canvas.
Its muscular characters, humans, dogs and cats, support each other in the construction of a living scaffolding. They climb without limit as equals, interdependent.
La Chemise Club welcomes the launch of this project on April 27, 2023.
On this occasion, Nicolas Oulès displays his universe on the walls of the Club: exhibition of his illustrations, scenography created for the occasion, presentation of the “Climb to the worst” pack (bag, risography, pins) and the series of shirts made with scraps of technical fabrics.
Humans, dogs or cats, we are waiting for you from 5 p.m. to climb the four floors of the Club too!
“Climb to the worst” - Nicolas Oulès x Atelier Rebié
The Club Shirt
2 rue Saint-François - 33000 Bordeaux
5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Bar on site
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