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What is the best material for a shirt?

The shirt can be found in different patterns, colors and styles, but also in various fabrics. At the club, we make sure to find a variety of materials for you, so that everyone can find what they need:

The cotton
This is the material we find most in our clothes: classic, timeless and effective, it will be your best ally in summer and during your wild dancing evenings. Thanks to its lightness, it gives you room to sweat with its significant absorption capacity (around 8.5% of its weight in water). Cotton is the most produced plant fiber in the world, which is transformed into thread in order to weave it. It therefore has a significant environmental impact, which you can mitigate by consuming it second hand.
    Cocorico, here is a local pride. France is the main country in Europe to cultivate it, particularly in Normandy, Brittany, Picardy and Pas-de-Calais. Elegant, chic and noble, it will perfect your summer looks thanks to its breathability, and slip under your sweaters in winter thanks to its insulating power. This fabric with thermal regulation power can therefore accompany you all year round. Little extra: its cultivation is very ecological, consuming little water and requiring no pesticides.

    It's probably your favorite fabric at the club. This material of plant origin, composed of cellulose extracted from wood, is particularly silky and has a strong absorbent power. We can also find rayon (or “artificial silk”), which is produced with viscose yarn. Being made from wood, we gives it an ecological aspect because it is natural. Unfortunately, with the advent of fast fashion, the viscose produced today can be much more polluting than originally. This is why you can combine eco-responsible consumption and the pleasure of wearing this fabric by purchasing it second hand.

    The silk
    This natural fiber produced by a butterfly, a spider or even silkworms will charm the most chic among you. The rarity of its production makes it a noble fabric, but it is also noble because of its shiny appearance. Elegant and refined, silk is found in all colors at the club, with a soft texture and unparalleled movement. Warning for the most connected among you: it is likely to cause static electricity shocks.

    A ubiquitous synthetic textile because it is so widely produced, polyester has many advantages. Durable, this super absorbent fabric is designed to resist humidity, making it an ally in rainy weather, but it is also very light for summer. Robust, it does not crease, does not fade, does not shrink and is even UV resistant. In short, he will be your best friend if you are known for your laziness.

    Whatever material you fell in love with in this top, you can find it at the club, decorated with patterns each more qualitative than the last and flamboyant colors!

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