The La Chemise Club playlist: spring-summer 2022

Find the Club's musical selection from home, or discover our mix of 80's, Italo and EBM nuggets from home!

Express permission to dance in your underwear in your living room, but in a vintage shirt please!


She Can't Love - Shirt

Helpless - The Flirts

Fascinated - Company B

Machina - Boy Harsher

Ghost of Chance - Pablo Bozzi

Dressed for Space - TR/ST

Ancora Tu - Roisin Murphy

Hey Hey Guy - Ken Laszlo

Without counterfeiting - Mylène Farmer

Volevi una Hit - Cristalli Liquidi

Fade to Gray - Face

Sunglasses at Night - BFRND

Dancing Therapy - International Music System

Space Woman - Charlie

The Devil's Dancers - Oppenheimer Analysis

Take a Chance - Mr Flagio

Love Problems - Alexander Robotnick

Fire in My Heart - Escape from New York

I Gotta Little Love - Angela

Lost - Boy Harsher

Blood alcohol content - Blind Delon

Touch Me (All Night Long) - Wish & Fonda Rae

Intacto - Kendal

Acid Feeling (Jennifer Cardini Remix) - David Shaw and the Beast

Gray Skies - Turquoise Days

Asc_Ft04 - Ascending

Strangelove - Depeche Mode

Self Control - Laura Branigan

27 Laser mix - Tobias Bernstrup

Eyes - Colddreams

Curb Dog '88 - Dorothy's Fortress

The Sun Always Shines on TV - a-ha

Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode

Surrender (Jennifer Cardini Remix) - Curses

Death on the Dancefloor TGC Mix - Kendal

Feel The Drive - Doctor's Cat

Send Me an Angel - Real Life

Enter Castillo - Dorothys Fortress

Mi Amor - Plastic Mode

Disturbo - Kendal

Just Be Yourself - Nightlife Unlimited

Run Away - International Music System

Moresko - Kendal

Ice of Fire - East Wall

Rodeo Star - Pardon Me

Bryllyant - Boytronic

Basorexia - Kendal

Climax - John Nosea

Maze - Figure Study

Hypnotic Tango - My Mine

On and On (Fears Keep On) - Decadence

Unveiling the Secret - Pysche

True Love - Sexual Version - NOIA

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